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Netherlands FES

Please click on the links below (underlined sections) to access the full documents:

1. Prospectus FES Course 2019-2021:


 This letter covers :


  • Course information related to the FES Base and Advanced courses 2019-2021 ,

  • answers to the most  frequently asked questions concerning  the FES Base and Advanced Course .

2.  Base Course 2019 – 2020   # 1  :   


             Topographic and functional anatomy equine axial skeleton

             Pathology axial skeleton

             Clinical examination – axial skeleton : in vivo anatomy, static observation, general palpation,

             motion evaluation   

3. FES Program Base Course 1


Advanced Federal Diploma of Higher Education given by SVTPT


-          Chartered Physiotherapists and Veterinarians study together

-          2 years, occupational study (800 hours)

-          Dog and Horse together

-          Berne and Zürich mixed


Entry requirements:

-          Chartered Human Physiotherapist or Veterinarian

-          3 years of experience in the field of human physiotherapy or veterinarian

-          Experience in animals



Anatomy, Biomechanics, Physiology, Neurology, Pathology, Assessment, Treatments and practical skills, Active rehabilitation, Case studies,Saddle/bridle/harness Control (riding equipment),Understandind of Interaction rider-horse, Knowledge and consultation for Orthopedic aids dog/horse ,Harness control dog; Animal welfare legislation ;Epidemics and contagious deseases, general hygiene ;Marketing and business management for self employed (Different Modules)



Theory; case study horse/Dog and written work about an animal physiotherapy subject


The Animal Rehab Division offers 3 courses leading to a Diploma in Canine Rehabilitation.
Introduction to the Canine Patient Independent Study Program Anatomy, physiology, common conditions, common injuries, gait patterns, medications, and practice issues. Available Anytime.
Introduction to Canine Rehabilitation Functional anatomy & palpation, canine behavior, hands-on assessment and treatment techniques, orthopedics, neurology, manual therapy, exercise programs.
Advanced Canine Rehabilitation Peripheral joint and spinal assessment, neurologic evaluation and treatment, advanced exercise, sports injuries and surgical descriptions.
Diploma Exams Case study, Written Exam, Clinical Placement


The ARD is happy to announce that our new Equine Rehabilitation Program is now up and trotting!
Introduction to the Equine Patient Independent Study Program Anatomy, physiology, common conditions, common injuries, gait patterns, medications, and practice issues. Available Anytime.
Introduction to Equine Rehabilitation Functional anatomy and palpation, equine behaviour and hands-on musculoskeletal and neurological assessment.


The Canine Rehabilitation Institute (Florida, Maryland, Colorado) offers a Canine Certificate program for physiotherapists and veterinarians. www.caninerehabinstitute.com

The Equine Rehabilitation Institute (Florida) offers an Equine Certificate program for physiotherapists and veterinarians. www.equinerehabinstitute.com

The University of Tennessee offers Canine and Equine Certificate programs for physiotherapists and veterinarians. www.canineequinerehab.com


Education at the Swedish University of Agricultural Science 


Duration 2-3 years, 10 + 30 hp (Web based introduction + Sports medicine and rehabilitation for physiotherapists)


Entry requirement:

-          Chartered Human Physiotherapist

-          Two years of relevant professional experience in the human field



Subjects: 10 modules; Physiology/Exercise physiology, Manual examination, Clinical movement analysis, Orthopedics/neuro, Treatment methods in sports medicine and rehabilitation, Clinical practice - in horses and small animals (dogs/cats)

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