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About Us:

There is a long history of physical therapy in the treatment of animals. A book on physical therapy for horses, written by the physiotherapist Sir Charles Strong, was published in 1967. Several other textbooks have been published on this topic over the years.

The International Association of Physical Therapists in Animal Practice (IAPTAP) was officially recognised as a sub-group of the World Confederation of Physical Therapy (WCPT) at the annual meeting in 2011.

The IAPTAP represents the interests of Physical Therapists practicing in the area of animal health whose national Physical Therapy organisation is a member of the World Confederation of Physical Therapy.

Although entry level physical therapy education does not include examination, evaluation, assessment, and treatment of animals, physical therapists in several countries have been leaders in the development of specialised educational programmes in the rehabilitation of animals. Many have groups for physical therapists in animal practice recognised by their national professional associations. These groups have been instrumental in establishing five international symposia on rehabilitation and physical therapy for animals since 1999.

Objectives of the IAPTAP


Advance the Profession


The IAPTAP aims to advance the practice of physical therapy in animals by facilitating and supporting evidence based practice, knowledge exchange, education of future physical therapists, clinical specialisation, research and international collaboration.




The IAPTAP keeps member organisations up to date with the latest news and developments in the field of animal practice



The IAPTAP provides a platform where therapists with a common interest in physical therapy in animal populations may meet, confer and promote these interests.




The IAPTAP hosts a blog with contributions from various experts in the field of animal physical therapy.



The IAPTAP reviews available further education and training courses in the field of animal physical therapy, and lists appropriate courses as well as their relevant accreditations as a resource to members.



Need help with a case? The IAPTAP has various resources available to get you the support you need.